December 09, 2014

FREE Downloadable Pack of Worksheets & Activities from Educents for Live to be Inspired Readers! ($52 Value) Perfect for Christmas Break!

I've talked about Educents a few times before here on the blog and I'm excited to let you all know that for four days only, Live to be Inspired readers can visit the Educents site and download a FREE pack of worksheets and hands-on activities! 

This package includes popular products Frozen-themed math units, Teach Me Sight Words, Dino-ROAR math centers, and more! 

When Educents reached out to be about teaming up to offer this to all of you I decided to do it now because I figured a pack like this would be perfect for helping to keep all your kids entertained and on track during the upcoming Christmas break! I don't know about all of you but Titan's online school is taking about a 2 1/2 week break and I'd much rather that break be spent doing at least some educational activities. :)

You can access the entire free packet here.

Not familiar with the Educents site? They are a daily deal site that focuses on deals for educational toys, printables and more! If you like to continue working with your kids after they get home from school or if you homeschool, their site is definitely one I'd recommend you bookmark and check once or twice a week! I've scored a lot of awesome deals through them!

December 03, 2014

July at The Parkers

One of my reasons for wanting to post every day through Christmas is to finally motivate myself to get all caught up with our family stuff here on the blog. I LOVE doing reviews, giveaways, etc. on this blog but first and foremost, it's our family blog and where I journal what's going on in our family. So, I hope you'll all bear with me as I do a little (or a lot) of catching up the next few weeks. Then, hopefully in 2015 I can get organized enough that I'm not 5 months behind! We just literally tried to cram way to much into one year this year! :)

Any way, onto the photos of our July...

Family Game Night! 

Titan saw Monopoly in our games as we were unpacking and requested playing it a few times in July. In fact, pretty sure we played it again the day before Chayse was born. He likes playing a more grown up game, and I like that it's helping to teach strategy, math, money skills, etc. :)

The YMCA in our area held some mini camps over the summer and Titan had a lot of fun going to them. This was after the Mini Chefs Camp in July where he got to cook and do a craft each time. His mini pizza was actually pretty good! And I LOVED the chefs hat! 

Titan at his first round of swim lessons here in Pennsylvania.

Titan hanging out on the swing on our front porch. He LOVED sitting out on this swing all summer. 

The amazing meal a family from our church dropped off for us the day we got home from the hospital after having Chayse! I couldn't believe the amount of food that was brought and how yummy it all was!!! We were definitely spoiled by our friends and neighbors! 

Our little sleeping beauty. This was basically all the baby girl did in July! :) (Well, that & hang out with Grandma Cindy and Aunt Tara when they came to visit. All of that will be in it's own post though).

By far the BIGGEST event in July was welcoming this precious little angel in our family. You can read about her birth in the following posts:


The little man with his new baby sister. This is definitely one of my most favorite photos from those first few weeks of being a family of four! 

Titan loves giving his sister little kisses or just holding her hand. 

More swim lessons! 

Like I said, someone LOVES his sister! 

Ti's T-ball practice. Chayse is only 5 days old in this photo! 

Chayse asleep in her Pack n Play! Amazing how big those Pack n Plays suddenly look with a newborn in them! 

Flowers from my boss at work that were delivered a couple days after I got home from the hospital. Such a fun surprise! 

A quick outing to the library to grab some new books after swim class one day. Titan always likes checking on Weezy the library's guinea pig. 

More of a sleeping baby. (This month is definitely heavy on the sleeping baby pics! Sorry, but not really sorry!) :)

Siblings! LOVE these two! 

The first time we were able to catch a smile on camera from this baby girl! 

Titan at his last T-ball game!

Titan with his T-ball team and coaches. 

We were so impressed with the program here in PA and with his coaches. There were four dads that coached the team all together and they were AMAZING! We definitely lucked out considering we signed Titan up over the phone before we even moved to the state and then his first practice was the day after we moved in. 

Morning snuggles while we waited for daddy to get home from an all night shift at the hospital. We love leopard print in this household. 

The princess and her LONG skinny bird legs! Not sure where those long legs came from! 

...and last but not least, nap time with Daddy! 

Basically, July was a month where we just eagerly awaited the baby girl's arrival and then adjusted to being a family of four for the rest of the month! I took the month off from school and work and so we just spent lots of time going to Titan's activities, figuring out nursing and sleeping! It was definitely a good month all the way around! A hard one at times (adjusting to a newborn is definitely harder than I remembered it being) but still a good one! 

Of course, we did have the chance to have some visitors for a week or so right after Chayse was born in July. As I mentioned above though, that will be it's own separate post. :)