April 03, 2014

Restaurant Review & Giveaway | Zilio's Artisan Pizza

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While we were in Utah for Spring Break we had the opportunity to stop in Zilio's Artisan Pizza for dinner one evening. While we were there we got to try out their brand new menu and learn all about the story behind the restaurant.

Zilio's is located at 10367 S. State Street in Sandy, UT and it shares the same building as Pei Wei and Rumbi. If you aren't familiar with that area they are also right by South Town Mall, Nordstrom Rack and just up the street is Megaplex Theaters. So they are the perfect place to grab a quick lunch during a girls shopping trip or to grab dinner right before your movie on a date night.

While I was looking over the menu, Titan and Broc spent some time reading about the story behind the name of the restaurant. You can read the full story on the Zilio's site or just read it as you walk in the next time you visit. Because you are going to want to visit! :) 

My favorite "pizza fact' was that when pizza first came to the United States, most people couldn't afford a whole pizza, or even a slice for that matter. So they would pay for a chew instead, meaning one bite. Can you even imagine? Just taking one bit and then passing it along? So glad that's not still a common practice.. ;)

We also learned that Pizza Margherita was named after Queen Margherita of Savoy and it was created to resemble the colors of the Italian flag. The tomato is the red, the mozzarella is the white and the green is the basil. Kind of fun! I knew those were the ingredients on the pizza of course, but I didn't know that they were supposed to resemble the Italian flag. Or that the pizza was named after and created for the queen.
Queen Margherita of Savoy
Queen Margherita of Savoy

After learning a little about the history of pizza and the story behind the restaurant it was time to test out their menu. I have to admit, before we arrived I looked at their menu online and after looking at their prices, I assumed that everything must be by the slice. I mean, there's no way that for only $6.50 you are getting a whole lot more than that, right?! Come to find out for only $6.50 you actually get a whole 10 inch pizza or a huge salad!

Looking over the menu we had a hard time narrowing our choices down. Everything sounded good. From the calzones and the pizzas to the breadsticks and the salads!

In the end we ordered the Pear & Blue Cheese Salad, the Strawberry Spinach Summer Salad, the Veggie Calzone, the Meatlovers Calzone, the Calabrese Pizza, the Pear Pie Pizza and the Blueberry Crumble Pizza. And of course, Titan tried out their Kids Cheese Pizza! (I realize that's A LOT of food for four people but we wanted to make sure we tried a variety of things so I could tell you all about them...and we did go home with some leftovers!)

While we were waiting for our food we spent a little bit of time looking around the restaurant and talking with the owner. I thought we would be waiting quite a while for our food. I mean, we ordered two calzones and three different pizzas. To my surprise though, all the food started coming out in under 5 minutes. (Other than our dessert pizza of course which they waited to cook and brought out towards the end of our meal.) I guess that is thanks to some awesome ovens they have! 

We were told that a lot of people come in and are as surprised as we were that the wait times are so short. In fact, they get told quite often that people would have come in sooner on their lunch break, with their kids, with their co-workers, etc. they just figured with it being pizza, they wouldn't have time.  So now you know! Zilio's is a fast service restaurant with awesome quality food! 

Speaking of the food...here are some photo's of our dishes! This is the Strawberry Spinach Summer Salad. (And this is the half salad for only $4.75!)

Check out those strawberries! (I have seriously been craving this salad ever since we left!)

You know you've hit the jackpot when your child is reaching across the table to taste test your salad! :)

Here is the Calabrese Pizza. 

The Pear Pie Pizza! 

The Blueberry Crumble Dessert Pizza! 

And, here is one of the calzones! (Everyone started digging in to the food so fast, I didn't get a picture of the other one. LOL)

Of course I was VERY happy to see that they serve Coke products. You all know me and my preference for Diet Coke. ;)

I asked Titan what he thought of the place and he gave it a thumbs up. He especially enjoyed sharing our salads and said the cheese pizza was good too. Always nice to know we've found a place that's mom and kid approved! (And to find salads that our child will eat!) 

In fact, he was too busy enjoying the food to really take a good picture! LOL

Out of all the food I would have to say that the Pear Pie Pizza, the Veggie Calzone and the Strawberry Spinach Summer Salad were my favorites. I liked the other things I tried, but those were definitely the stand outs in my opinion. So when you go, make sure to try one of those!

The strawberry salad was really fresh, light and filled with lots of yummy fruit & the Pear Pie was ridiculously good as well. Plus, how often can you say you've had pears on your pizza? And that you only paid $6.50 for that pizza?? Talk about a great deal!

Overall we we really impressed with the atmosphere, the staff, and the freshness & overall quality of the ingredients that were used. Especially for the price!

Ready for some really good news? Zilio's has offered to give one Live to be Inspired reader a $25.00 gift card to Zilio's! How nice is that?! 

So, if you are wanting to try out their Pear Pie Pizza or Blueberry Crumble Dessert Pizza for yourself, make sure to get entered! 

Good luck! 

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Special thanks to Zilio's for sponsoring this post & the Giveaway. Of course, while this post was sponsored, all opinions are 100% my own. 

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Everything at Zilio's sounds amazing!! Definitely planning a trip there soon. Thanks for the giveaway!

Sandra said...

Calabrese Pizza

Debra Hawkins said...

Everything sounds amazing! I will have to check this out!

Becky said...

Yum! This place sounds yummy. I would love to try the pizza!

Angie said...

I would order a ham and pineapple pizza
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Kimberly Corrigan said...

Love Margheritas!

Alene Nielsen said...

I would order a salad

Leanne Norman said...

I would try the cheese pizza!

Kendra Frampton said...

Love a good salad and pizza!

Carly Jordan said...

That Strawberry Spinach Summer Salad looks amazing, I would start with that! Then probably move onto a chicken and veggie pizza, yum!

Cindy said...

Ummm. The veggie calzone.

Tara said...

Got to try the pear pie pizza now!

Charity Lyman said...

Mmm, the Meat Lover's Calzone sounds good but so does the Three Cheese Pizza:) This restaurant is going on my visit list. Thanks for the giveaway!


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K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

I wish we had a Zilio's here because our pizza restaurants do not cater to those with gluten allergies.

Ashlee said...

So excited to go there now that I've read your post about it:)